5 Signs You’re Having A Quarterlife Crisis


What am I doing with my life? Why don’t I feel motivated? Am I ready to settle down and get married? Why are my relationships so difficult? Should I go to graduate school? How am I supposed to support myself? If you are asking yourself these types of questions,

You may be experiencing a quarter life crisis.

Your twenties and thirties are an exciting time of life, but transitions during these years can be overwhelming– like graduating from college, moving to a new place, getting engaged, or ending a relationship.  Much of our happiness and satisfaction depends on how we navigate these times of transition.

The quarter life crisis is real and should NOT be ignored.

A quarterlife crisis, which occurs in your twenties or thirties, is a time when you feel stressed out and have doubts about how to transition into adulthood. It is often accompanied by worry that you won’t make the “right” choices. You are facing many of these issues for the first time, like transitioning from school to a full-time career, starting graduate school, moving to a new city, breaking up, getting engaged, and budgeting your finances. You may think you should have it all figured out already.

5 signs you’re having a quarterlife crisis:

  1. You feel lost about what to do with your life and are trying to figure out what is missing.

  2. You have difficulty making decisions and feel paralyzed when presented with choices.

  3. You lack motivation (fatigue and increased sleep are often a part of this).

  4. You feel tension between choosing a life of adventure (YOLO) and settling down (“adulting”).

  5. You worry that your peers have it all figured out and that you’re getting left behind.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you may be having a quarterlife crisis. You are not alone. Many adults in their twenties and thirties are dealing with the same challenges. It’s important to confront these issues sooner rather than later. If ignored, they can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and risky behaviors, like unprotected sex and binge drinking. Learn more about alcohol use during a quarterlife crisis.

Facing your quarter life crisis is the best thing you can do for yourself.

By facing it, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be more satisfied, motivated, and intentional in your life. With some work on your part and with support from others, your life will get better (read this 40 year old’s advice about surviving your 20s and 30s). The sooner you confront your quarter life crisis, the sooner you can create a solid foundation for long-term happiness and success for the rest of your life.


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